Monday, November 29, 2010


Sorry everyone!

Although you are aware this is a new blog and I am just getting started on the DIY circuit, I am low on projects at the moment.

I had started those bottles but then found out I was really tired and did not read instructions well (had a dislexic night). My house smelled like burning paint for hours...ugh! I have to start those over again when I buy more bottles of paint. However I am not sure the will do well with water and a flower stem in them so I may take another route and just frost the glass. Not sure what I am doing yet...haha.

I bought a video camera on Black Friday but when I got it home it was horrible. I couldn't make out any kind of picture. It may have been operator error but I am pretty sure it just stunk. It was only $25 so I can't really complain but I did take it back!

Any horror tales of Black Friday? Any awesome deals?

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  1. Interesting about the camera -- we'd actually considered doing some Black Friday shopping, but eventually decided against it due to worries that the discounted items might be lower quality. (I wrote a post on my blog about it here if you're interested.)


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