Friday, November 5, 2010

This Weekends Projects....

Okay so last night I spent about 3 hours cleaning out and trying to organize my walk in closet. It hasn't been done since we moved in almost 2 years ago...ugh! The worst part- I got rid of so much but it doesnt LOOK like much has been done. I still have like 1/3 of the closet to go but its getting there. I did get rid of 3 boxes worth of junk and trash, finally! I am proud of that. Travis thought I was on speed last night because I was go-go-go on cleaning. Oh and I scrapbooked a bunch of his boys stuff together. He has 3 boys (my soon to be step-sons). I have had the scrapbook for OVER A YEAR...

So now back to this weekends projects...I was in the laundry room and looking at the ugly wood cabinets we have in there and decided that I would clean those up and paint them white and put new hinges and knobs. I think it will be awesome. I will post some before and after shots. I also have 2 candlestands from Dollar Tree that I bought like 4 years ago and decided I would paint them white too. They are this brown speckled colored which has worked but now I need a change and instead of buying new stuff I will just paint these babies and give them a new look!

I am pretty excited for this weekend! See you soon with pics!

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