Monday, November 15, 2010

Yard Sale Finds!

There was not a lot going on this weekend when it comes to yard sales in my area but I did find a few things that were great!
Here are 5 matching pots in 3 sizes. They were beautiful. They came from a church yard sale!
The pots I am going to paint. Actually I painted 2 medium sized ones RED yesterday but I haven't been able to post a new photo. I will do that tonight. I just took an all purpose red spray paint that I wasn't sure would work, but it only took one coat and 30 minutes later it looked gorgeous and no other coats were needed. Lucky! That never happens so easy for me! Will post tonight...

Next, we have a table with beautiful inlay and great legs! Sounds sexy right...

It turns out the inlay is not made of real wood but looks like it but it is still beautiful!
The table- I believe that I am going to paint the whole thing white but paint the 4 square inlays maybe a gray color. Then I will have to put some sort of glass over the inlay so it can be used like a table should be. I am thinking it will either end up being 4 pieces of glass from picture frames maybe if they fit, or one huge piece of glass over the whole thing. The big piece would obviously be the easiest but I am really trying to go for 4 separate pieces. I will update the progress on that as I go as well.

What do you think for inlay color choices? Deep Gray, light gray, red, lime green? Tons of options and totally adaptable at any point that I would want to change it...just lift the glass and paint away!

=) Lynn

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