Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fabric Wall Art

Here are a couple other things I have recently done around the house. A friend had given me a set of frames with a poster material and print on them. The poster was pretty messed up so we took the set and covered them in a pretty fabric that matched our decor. All we did was buy the fabric, cut it to size with a little extra to staple around edges on back, then we just tightened up the fabric and stapled it down with a staple gun. Again, another tool the future hubby was happy to show me to use. I think I may have gotten better than him...hehe =) This was before I started the blog so there are no before pics. Sorry!


The 3 squares are on the wall beside our bedroom door for now but they would also look pretty good as a wall headboard or something if we didnt already have one...the fabric is also a baby blue and dark brown color bought at JoAnn Fabrics.

What about you? Any DIY projects going on? Any art remodels?

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